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If everyone knew how to build a likable brand...

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Build a likable small business brand! If everyone knew how to build a likable brand, then there wouldn’t be so many small businesses in the world who are struggling to make ends meet. But as you know, there isn’t just one key to unlock the door to a successful brand, it’s a process that takes so many years to do, and some won’t even make it to the point of being successful. Some brands are just not meant to be. I think it’s a split between the brand and the people behind it. You can build a brand that would sell to millions, but if you’re not the right captain for the ship it won’t take off. But there are also great business people with such a poor brand that it will never sell. So you see, this prophecy of a great brand can be so hit and miss. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try our best and show you some of the ways I know that you can try and build a likable small business brand. 

Follow in the footsteps of the great

There are so many big brands that you can look to for inspiration. Brands that everyone knows and everyone loves. But they didn’t get to where they are by starting off being a brand that everyone loved. They had to make logo changes, name changes, product changes, until they finally reached a stage where what they had was what they needed. Measuring brand equity of bigger brands is easily done because they hold so much value, and that’s what brand equity is based on, how much the target audience values the brand. Your own brand equity might be low at the minute, but as your brand grows you will notice the value increases. It might be worth researching the history of some of the big brands to see some of the changes they made, the moves they made, and generally how they got to where they are. 

Focus on brand promotion

Brand promotion is so important for a small business, and I think it’s a step some businesses fail to meet, instead they go for product promotion. If you’re a startup in particular you need to sell the brand and the ethos you have just as much as the products that you’re selling. The more money you spend on brand promotion the easier it’s going to be to get people interested in your products. Great ways of promoting your brand are through business events, SEO, and other techniques that don’t focus solely on selling a product. 

Avoiding a common mistake

There are some big mistakes you want to avoid, and the main is copying a brand that’s already more established than you because you think it’ll work for you. You’d be surprised at how many businesses copy bigger brands to the point they’re almost identical, especially when it comes to a website. Customers will see right through it and they won’t go for your brand because it looks similar, they’ll go for the brand they already know and trust. The famous saying goes “Be only yourself, everyone else is taken”. Build a likable small business brand.

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