Getting over the fear of selling

How are you getting over the fear of selling?

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When you are running a small business, as a freelancing photographer, web designer or digital marketer for example, your everyday needs to take you forward. Every little step must move you forward your set goals. So, what small steps are you taking? So, how are you getting over the fear of selling?

If you read my previous posts about finding a strong WHY as a creative, you know that one of my biggest goals right now is to build a solid, healthy and thriving small business. I want this because it will prove to myself that I’m good enough to make money from of one of my biggest interests in life – photography and visual storytelling. So, I make sure that every day is taking me one step closer to my goal.

“Taming the elephant”

The first step for me is to get over the huge elephant in the room (studio?) that is sales and selling myself. I believe this is one of the most difficult parts as a creative and content creator. Because, it often feels like you are selling a part of your very own soul. But I think it is like with everything else – the more you do it the less scary it will be.

So, every day I make sure I do something that involves sales. It can be something like sending an e-mail to a potential client offering my services, calling to follow up on that previous e-mail or posting on different social networks to show that I have room for some new clients to take on. This is such a small, but so important thing to do. Every. Single. Day. Because, the more I try to sell, the better I will be at it. 

 – I will be better at creating my visual presentations when pitching an idea – because for every no I get I will get better at knowing why it didn’t work. 

– I will be better at presenting myself when calling someone I want to work with – for every no I will analyze the phone call and ask myself what I could have done better.

– I will be better and more comfortable at talking about myself, my work and the services I provide – because the more I do it the smoother and naturally it will be.

As a first step on becoming a better at sales and Getting over the fear of selling, I reached out to an online community (Facebook group) and asked how they wanted to be approached by some one looking to sell their services. I got some really good ideas and tips to use and that will be another blog post!

I’m very curious on how you are doing to sell your services? Have you come up with a great tactic or how did you “tame the elephant”? Feel free to share in the comments bellow or send me an e-mail and I can make a blog post about it! 

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