The 5 days sales challenge – part 2 – result and next steps

The 5 days sales challenge - the next step

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The 5 days sales challenge – part 2. As you could read in the first part of my sales challenge – I aim to be a better salesperson for my creative services. In the first part I explained that I wanted to try to go against all recommendations I when approaching new clients (on recommendation from another business partner and my own curiosity).

And the results are in

Out of 50 e-mailed digital agencies, specializing in building websites, I got:

  • 10 answers
  • 8 people added me to their list of freelances
  • 1 should have me in mind if something pops up
  • 1 booked a meeting

I was actually surprised that that many took their time and answering me. Especially after that generic e-mail. I’m very happy to have booked a meeting and hopefully will some of the 8 people adding me to their rooster of freelancers get in touch in the future.

The next step

So, what is the next step in the 5 days sales challenge for me?
I will to the same thing again, sending 10 e-mails a day for 5 days. But this time I will target advertising agencies. I will also change my e-mail I send out to a bit less generic one, but still not completely tailored for the company I’m sending it to. Now I have added clients and the name of the agency. This is what it will look like:

Hello (insert name)!

My name is Johan Ståhlberg. I’m a freelance photographer based here in Stockholm.
I work with clients as Peak Performance,, Fotografiska, OnePlus, PhotoVogue, Red Bull as well as Situation Sthlm and Dagens Industri and many more.

I really think we should be working together! I have been following your work here at (insert agency) for a while now and I believe we would be a great match! I shoot lots of design/interior, portraits, fashion and also some food. My editorial work spans from images of horses to documenting a forest.

You find my portfolio here:

Wishing you a great monday!
Johan Ståhlberg

It will be very interesting and see what the out come will be when I add some more information with what my clients are and see if that will attract more replies and booked meetings!

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