Instageddon: mico-influencers now is your time!

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If you work in communication and with influencers you probably noticed that things have been changing at Instagram. The organic reach has been going down, drastically, and Instagram has a new approach to the collaborations between influencers and companies. Fan relationships are now more important than ever, so what do you as a brand need to know about this?

Numbers for the masses

If your company is using influencers to get your product and brand out there Instageddon can be a big deal. But do not fear, you just have to lift your head and look for love.
The big influencers have huge amount of fans and followers. But when you are that influential it’s hard to pinpoint your audience. At some point you get so big that people just follow you for the sake of it and not a genuine interest, and that what’s you want!

When love beats the number

Why does your fans show you love by liking, commenting and sharing? Because they share a mutual interest with you, and they like the content you are posting on Instagram. Micro-influencers have a more genuine and stronger bond and dialog with their followers. The group they are talking to are more hardcore fans and more likely to take in a message or a product, even if it’s a sponsored collaboration.

Make it count

So now when Instagram’s organic reach is going down you want the ones who see your collaboration really count. So my advice is to try out a couple of micro-influencers of your liking that fits your brand and views to work with. Who do you want see your product, people who care or people who care a lot?

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