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What is a community or a thriving digital channel?

Today as a brand it’s easy to post content and hoping it receives likes, shares and comments due to the brand’s image, social position and credibility. Often by posting an image of a product or a campaign together with a statement. Sometimes it works, sometimes it the post don’t get the attention it deserves. According to us, a social channel needs to be just as it’s named, social. The initiative needs to come from the brand itself.

Imaging entering a crowded party; people, loud music and indistinct chatter everywhere, and you don’t know anyone other than your friend who was telling you about this party. You walk around scouting the scene to see if there are some one else you know or might talk to. Your eyes sweep the Livingroom and you see one of the hosts. He is standing in the corner, arms crossed and don’t seems to say much, just fingering on his beer and mumbles his opinion of the music.

Suddenly someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around and see the other host. She is smiling and tells you how glad she is that you could come to her party, it’s always nice to meet new friends she says! She invites you to join her and some other guests over at the table, they are discussing the pro’s and con’s of bringing new life to old clothing, and would love to hear your opinion on this. Your friend had told them you have some great insights on how to get the most out of some old garments.

This is what we want a social channel to be and you as a brand need to be that warm welcoming host that is glad to have new guest to join the conversation. It’s up to you to lay out the path for your them to start talking or showing you their ideas and thoughts. You need to make them feel seen, that you value the time they spend on your channel and that their opinions and ideas of your shared interest matters to you.

A social channel is not a one-way communication from a brand to a fan. A social channel is not a two-way dialogue between a fan and a brand. A social channel is a three-way intersection of communication between the brand, their fans and between the fans about you and your shared interest.

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