Social Media (Tinder style): Be social not a show off

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The question you need to ask yourself is: am I social? Am I being part of the conversation? Because that’s what its’ all about in social media, being social and not a show off.

Breaking it down Tinder style

Why do some guys send those awful dick picks to women? Just putting their junk out there to show it off and wishing they get a positive reaction back and not a ban. How many brands do the same with their content? Putting something out on Facebook or Instagram hoping to get a like, comment or a share from their audience.

In the dating world you need to be so good and charming that the other person want to talk to you. Your goal is to be so genuine and fun that they talk about you to their friends. When dating, your goal is to find some one that likes you to form a relationship with. In this relationship getting accepted and trusted by his/hers friends is basically a must to make it last and being enjoyable in the long run.

Transfer it to your brand

Instead of just posting your content out on social media just for yourself hoping to receive engagement you need to start giving back. Gary Vaynerchuck has written a great book called “jab, jab, jab, right hook” that basically says you need to give to your fans and community before asking something in return. In his example you need to give three times before asking back. I think the core idea of this is a very good strategy for brands to use in their social media. Because it’s so easy today just to post things and ask your fans to buy or do something for you.

Doing social (media) work

So how can you give to your community before you ask them to buy that coat from your new collection? I think it goes hand in hand with building your community – be social!

Comment on your fans posts about what an awesome style they have, ask questions how they shot that perfectly lit photo, give them style ideas in how to dress for this fall without asking them to buy the clothes just because you have a common interest in fashion.

By being in the middle of the conversation and giving back you will build your audience, create a great community in your social channels and get a strong bond with your fans. You just need to be continuous and persistent. Let your channels grow organically, don’t rush it and you get what you want from them.

How does your brand work with in your social channels? What is working for you and what is now working? Feel free to comment bellow! 



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