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In the world we are living in today it’s pretty hard to imagine a world where no ads exist. But if now all the pop-ups, banners, billboards and sponsored posts disappeared – how would brands get their message out there?

You are sitting on the bus on your way to work, scrolling through you news feed catching up on friends and family. Today we get overwhelmed with sponsored content where brands ask us to buy this, sign up for that and everything in between. They scream for your attention to buy buying their space in your feed so you will notice them and hopefully click, buy or share.

But how would brands get your attention if ads never were invented?

If you can’t buy some ones attention, how do you get it? You ad value. By value I mean something that solves a problem or inspires the viewer to do something. How do you make some one come back and engage with your content? You build a relationship. By making the reader a part of your brand and your communication because you care about the same thing. By being transparent and build trust you win sales.

So imagine

that you scroll through you feed and all the brands you decided to follow gives you something great in return of your time instead of always going after your money. They give you great content about how to take care and make sure your shirts you bought stay white or make you a part of the design process to decide what garments makes the cut for production. Imagine Filippa K give their community how-to videos in how to best recycle, fix or swap their used clothes to practice their vision for sustainable fashion.
The solution is relationships, trust, transparency and value. I have barked at this before and I believe it with my whole heart that this is the way fashion brands need to communicate on social media. It win the sale in the long term instead of always barking for sales and not building brand and relationship.

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