Do you only talk or do you create as well?

We see them everywhere – the keyboard warriors. They spend hours hammering forward their opinions. Are you one of them or do you prioritize your creating?

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We see them everywhere – the keyboard warriors. They spend countless hours on hammering forward their opinions, messages and critic through their keyboards. You find them in Facebook groups, in the comment section and in the forums. Are you one of them or do you prioritize your creating?

Talking is easy. It always is. Today, when everyone of us are communicators, self-named experts and thinkers it’s easier than ever to get your message heard. This has resulted in that we seem to take silence as a sign of weakness or failure. Only because you don’t spam your social media feeds of how great you are.

Skip the bullshit and the digital spotlight

You have a plan. A plan so you will succeed with your company, the creative project or whatever you have in front of you. To make that happen it demands 100% of your time, focus and energy. But, every time you waste time on arguing online about the pixel amount between different cameras, debating on social media to show that your opinion is the right one about Apple’s newest advertising campaign – you pull valuable focus from what you really need to do.

For every push on the keyboard you push your dream further and further away!

To hunt your dream or to realize your creative project that you planned for so long, can be terrifying. Do you seek excuses from what you really need to do by wasting time arguing online? Instead of stepping outside of your comfort zone and face the ups and downs along the road to your dreams?

An image that definite took me outside my own comfort zone (and in to Vogue Italy) and was made in the silence.

Don’t fight for your digital ego – but for yourself

They don’t seek confirmation, likes or shallow support online for what they create. They don’t care about the digital spotlight within the bubbles of our Facebook groups, forums and feeds. They are too busy creating, 100% focused on their vision and dream. Where there is no time to seek validation. While you are in the gym, standing in front of the mirror taking selfies in running tights and a tank top, they are sitting in the back, quietly doing another rep.

So, let the others tap themselves on their backs and waste time while you are doing the work that is needed for your success. Spend your valuable time and energy to realize yourself and not some status online that you can’t put in your portfolio.

Ryan Holiday said it best: “The only relationship between work and chatter is that one kills another”.


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