Finding a strong WHY as a creative – part 3

Defining your WHY into a more clear goal.

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In this part, we will define your WHY even more. In the first post and second post I talked about the importance of having a strong WHY as a creative. And, we started to visualize what success is for you and defining what your WHY is. So let’s keep finding a strong WHY as a creative!

The inspiration for these posts comes from “Framgångsboken” by Alexander Pärleros. Where he talks about this topic and how important it is to have a strong WHY in your life among a healthy mind and soul. That book was on my list of summer readsand the inspiration for this blog post.

Without further ado, let’s jump strait back in to it!

Step 3 – Lets make the list even more specific! By defining every bullet point even more by adding WHY it’s so important for you to achieve this goal. This way, you will visualize WHY these steps will take you closer to your goals. 

This is what my list look like when I’m adding why it’s important for me to achieve these goals.

  • Run my business successfully: For me this is proof of that I can make a living of what I am and what I love to do. That I’m good enough at my craft that companies and brands are willing to pay for it. A healthy company also displays a desirable product = others also wants it. This goal might be on the border of a personal one. I want this because I don’t want to work on fulfilling someone else’s dream.

  • Make more books: Photography books has been with me since I first started studying photography. I think a book is one of these things that creates a higher meaning of your work and takes it to another level. I have already made two books, the classic Adrenalin and Åre Offpistguide. A book is also proof that your work has a more artistic aspect to it than just commercial. To be a published author is also a great way to market yourself and your brand. I want to keep making books to market myself and create a non-digital legacy.

  • Give speech/talk internationally: To stand in front of people and teach, inspire and help others to learn photography or to be better creatives has a special place in my heart. I held a few talks and lectures in Sweden, at the annual book fair for example, but I would love to be in front of a broader audience, outside of Sweden. I want to host talks on an international level because I want to help people to be more creative and as I believe it is in our rights as human beings to be creative.

  • Be an internationally successful photographer: This goes hand in hand with the first bullet point, but on a more creative and artistic level. I had success in Sweden as one of the top ski -photographers when I was younger. But my heart and soul wanted elsewhere. And, success is something that can be achieved over and over again. To have my photography, blog and talks to be notices outside of Sweden is a dream and something I work for – every day. I want this because I want my work to be seen by a broader audience than Sweden.

  • Have an exhibition in an art gallery: One of my life long dreams as a photographer is to have my own exhibition at an art gallery. I have displayed some work in cafés and stores before, but to have a solo exhibition is a lifelong dream, and it’s one of the best quality stamps you can have as a creative. I want to achieve this because it’s a benchmark that my work has a certain artistic level (and it’s great marketing opportunity).

  • Spend more time in nature: Why is this on your professional list you may ask? Well, fresh air and exercise is by far the best way to keep your mind and brain creative, healthy and on point! By spending more time in nature, I will not only feel better, I will also perform and think better that will result in better decisions. I want this because I want to be the best I can be and live a long and happy life.

  • Be financially independent: As a small business owner, freelancer and someone who is working hard to get your ends to meet, to not feel the pressure of money and the need to constantly working, would be a huge weight with of my shoulders. To have the possibility to only focus on the creative pars, the smart business decisions and how to achieve the next step in the master plan. I want this because I don’t want to feel the, sometimes extreme, pressure of money.

  • Feel happy in my body and soul as a human being: I hate the image of the hurting and depressed creative. That you need pain in your life to truly create deep and meaningful work. THAT IS JUST BULLSHIT! If you have a healthy body you will have the strength and stamina to do the work that is needed. If you have a healthy mind you will have the brain to make the necessary decisions and to find your path forward. Make sure you take care of yourself! I want this so I don’t focus on the negative things in my life, but the positive.
  • Host a ”sommarprat” (a Swedish radio show): I love a good story. Both to hear and to tell. I only read autobiographies (besides my summer read list). The people chosen to be summer hosts (as they are called in Swedish) tell a great story about their life. One day I hope I’ll be one of those! I want this because this way, maybe, I can influence some on to pursue their dream as a creative.

Get those gears in your head moving

Adding the WHY behind your goals is a very important step. Because, you visualize them in your head and it also forces you really think about why this is important for you. This also allows you to rank them in prioritized order (if needed). Maybe you realize that one of the goals wasn’t that important when you start to think about it and putting the why on paper? Maybe you realize that it’s another goal that makes the list instead. Take some time and really think about what you write. The more clear and true you are the better the outcome will be!

As Alexander Pärleros writes “If your why is extremely strong, your how will be very easy”.  

For the next part we will start to build your road map on how to turn your WHY(s)into HOW(s).

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