Like Mexican food without salsa

What would Mexican food be without salsa?

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The most important thing as a creative! There is no shortage of opinions. We all have them and for some reason we also like to share them. The louder the better! This post is a spin off on my “Do you only talk or do you create as well”- post where I shared my opinion about being a keyboard warrior. Now it’s time to talk about why you shouldn’t let them inside your head.

The most important thing a creative can have

To have more than one string to your bow is always good to have. It means you have several ways to create an income or to support the marketing team with. You can take photos, edit film and with finesse put together a nice presentation. 

But, the most important thing you can have, as a creative, is yourself. It is you that give life to your creations. It is you that gives them a soul and that spark in their eyes. Because what would Mexican food be without salsa? Even if you always hear that you are not your job and it’s important to separate the personal and professional life, you can’t escape from that everything you create has your unique DNA in it. If we create without adding a bit of our self in it, we only create a generic product – anonymous and boring.

Make sure you bring some salsa into it!

Don’t let their problems become yours

What can make you doubt on yourself, your creativity and your goals, more than anything else, are those keyboard-hammering opinion crusaders. They, who on social media and other forums, loudly tell others how things should and should not be. That what you are doing is wrong and not to their view on things. Besides sucking the energy out of you, they also make you doubt your own unique DNA. To react and respond to these people is a bad idea. It will only make you even more angry or upset and you waste valuable energy on things that has no value. Focus instead where it’s needed – on your own goals and on what you do best – your own creation. Don’t let their problem become yours. Don’t let anyone who abandoned their dream ruin yours!

When you don’t give them attention you are not pouring gasoline on the fire either. And, when you are focusing on other things that are important to you, you remove the only thing your brain needs to hold the anger and unpleasant feelings alive – your focus!

Never forget that it is you that are the uniqueness in your creations. It is you and your DNA that make people and companies hire you for your images, illustrations or amazing writing. You are the salsa to your creations.

Keep believing in yourself and keep being unique!

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