Translating high-value knowledge into a creative’s language

To be a creative means to always fuel your brain with new exciting impressions!

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You didn’t think I read all these books just because I think it’s fun, didn’t you?! Well, actually I do. But I also believe in creativity and every human’s right to be creative.

Along the way, as I read, meet and discover, I will pick out the best pieces of information from some of the best books out there, touching the topics of business, pitching, sharing, habits, knowledge about our brain and much more. All into the point of view of a creative person. It doesn’t matter if you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator or an entrepreneur – you will get something out of every piece I write. That’s a promise!

How about topics like:

  • Pitching yourself to clients (not in the way you think!)
  • How to get your digital project to take of
  • Finding a strong WHY as a creative
  • Communicating – one brain to another
  • Prizing yourself, not your client
  • How to create a need and interest in you
  • The winning staircase to your social media goals
  • And many more…

As always, I’m interested in reading new books, blogposts or articles. Have you something you wonder about, struggling to get your head around or know a great book I should read? 

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