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You should read this blog post!

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You should read this post, exercise, clean, call your mom, get in phase with accounting and visit that exhibition before it ends. Shame on you! A lot of should(s), but with no energy, time or motivation to do them.

That’s why you should read this post!

Should. A regular, but a very powerful word. A word that gives us lots of anxiety and shame – more often than less. Because, we often use the word in a negative way. I should lose weight, I should to this and that, I should have done… This will raise our stress levels, affect our mood and wellbeing, that in the end affects our creativity. Because the better we feel and the more we take care of ourselves, the more creative we become.

To use the word should, in a negative way, so it demoralizes you (or the one you say it to), leads to beside above mentioned, to nothing good or productive – especially not in the long run.

You should turn it to something positive

The word should, don’t need to be as negative as putting a “but…” after a sentence. But… should, can be a powerful energy booster as it is an energy thief. You need to use the should in a productive and healthy way, that strengthen and inspire you instead of shooting you down. This means, what was the meaning behind it and what was your purpose? And was it helpful to you in a good way?

I should lose weight because no one can like me when I look like this!

I should lose weight so I will feel better, be more creative and filled with energy. Win Win!

To get you (or someone else) to do something through shaming is always a bad idea. It will get the opposite effect than what you had in mind. It will also get you or the other person to feel even worse. A helpful should, should motivate and boost your energy and motivation in a positive way. It shall give you energy and the will to make something, without shame, guilt or bad feelings. An unhealthy should, will instead make you sad, angry and unmotivated in the long run.

I should update my website and social media but no one wants to look at or hire me for my illustrations anyway. So, what’s the point…

I should update my website and social media  because it’s important that I display new work and show that I develop. Continuity is important and it will push me forward, even if it feels useless right now.

I should get in phase with my accounting but what’s the point when all my numbers are red and with no new jobs booked…

I should get in phase with my accounting – It will cost me even more money if I’m late with my reports to the IRS and who knows, I might find something I can save money on! It’s always good to have an overview of my business economy.

I should sell more so I get more money I just hope no one sees through my illusion and see how bad I really am. It will happen sometime!

I should sell more so I get more money the more I try to sell my services, the better I will become at it! I know in my heart I do a good job, does my best and that I actually have lots of satisfied customers.

Should is a great word to use as a motivator! Sometimes the negative meanings can give you an extra boost, but only temporary. Make sure you turn your “should-thought” around into something positive and you will win in the long run! Feel free to share it to someone you feel should read this post.

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