Don’t rush your social media

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Nothing good comes out of rushing it. Relationships, business deals and social media. Being eager to raise that that amount of followers is nothing wrong, it shows you have determination and passion. But taking it slow is the best thing for your brand.

The no.1 reason why not to rush your social media

The most important thing you have is your followers and your relationship to them. (Read more here). You want to build a trust between your brand and your fans. This will give you engagement, comments and likes on your content. If you are really good you also get UGC – user generated content. That’s where your fans like your products and your brand so much they show it in their own feeds and network.
That is the (short) reason why not to rush your social media. By carefully build your fan base and get to know your audience you will get a much better outcome. Your engagement and love will be higher, the trust and communication will be better and eventually you will get a thriving community. Don’t rush it and get bad engagement because of it. If you want to slide in to the influencer field and get clients (and other deals) due to your social channels: don’t get blinded by your amount of followers. Today companies and agencies look more at who your fans are; sex, age, location, interests for example to be better at pinpoint their product to the right receiver. The days of spray and pray marketing are over.

There is a reason why micro-influencers is getting more popular with PR-agencies, they know and have a better connection and engagement with their fans than the top players with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Don’t buy followers

We have all been there. Wanting to boost our amount of followers on social media to show that we are interesting and likeable. I bet almost everyone at some point has been thinking the thought on buying some followers just to get to that next step.
But what do you get from buying followers? Well, you raise that amount of followers, but just for a moment. Soon you will see that they will decrease. Instagram continuously sweep for fake/spam accounts. The followers you just bought are not real people; they are “empty” accounts made to look like a real one. The accounts wont give you any reposts, shares, likes or comments (if you haven’t bought that as well). All they do is just become a dead valueless number on your follower count. That your engagement rate decreases when your amount of followers is growing (organically!) is nothing new. But with those empty accounts you have zero chance on winning them over as sales, clients or as engagement.


  • Take your time, build a strong bond and foundation.
  • Don’t buy fake followers.
  • You amount of followers is not everything.
  • have fun and be true to yourself and your brand

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