Beloved creative – you are not alone!

We are not alone! Together we can reach out a paw to others!

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Never have so many felt so lonely as now. Our assignments have dried out and our mailbox is quite. We see our companies and jobs slowly but steady go towards and uncertain future or even worse. It’s hard not to feel completely helpless. Especially as a freelancer or small business owner.

But, beloved creative – you are not alone! We are many that works against the waves right now. Who takes each day as it comes and does everything in our power to make ends meet. Even if it feels like you are alone in this world, as entrepreneurship can be a lonely path, you are not alone. Other creatives and creators just like you are out there – that’s important to know!

An image of a cat high living a human.
We are not alone! Together we can reach out a paw to others!

I’m in no way a psychologist, health guru or a good at running a business for that matter. But I’m a creator and I go through the same things as you and I feel and think the same things. Together we can support each other!

If you just want to write to get something out of your system, talk about the weather to get on other thoughts or talk about this new idea you have, send me an e-mail: Himself(at) 

Hang in the creative! Things will get better!

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