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A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post about taking care and finding your motivations. Shortly after that we received an e-mail from no one else than Josh Craig sharing what motivates him.

What motivates me is inspiring people. Giving those who are seeking something different a spark to motivate them to create.

Something that pushes people to challenge themselves. From playing an instrument different then the way I was trained thus allowing different emotions to be felt during a recording or performance. From drawing outside of the lines allowing others to be perceptive of different angles. From speaking with compassion allowing my message to be felt.

The thing that motives me most is knowing that whatever it is that I’m involved in will ultimately be bringing people together towards a positive direction in harmony. Anytime someone says “that’s cool” I feel as if my work is incomplete. However when someone says “that’s inspired me” I feel as if I connected with them. That connection is important to me because there are a lot of people that feel lost in this world and anything that can give them a sense of purpose is all that matters at this moment in time.

We need to inspire, connect and do whatever it takes to lift each other up and move forward together. I am The Josh Craig and I live everyday to motivate.

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