The benefits of adding another string to your bow

The benefits of adding another string to your bow

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Life as a freelancer can be tough. Right now, being self-employed is more challenging than it has ever been before. While some industries are thriving, others are feeling the pressure of the pandemic in ways that could never have been anticipated. Welcome to the benefits of adding another string to your bow!

All of the uncertainty right now raises some difficult questions for many freelancers, mainly centred around income (or lack of it). As a freelancer, there are many benefits to adding a new string to your bow. If your work has slowed down at the moment, then why not use this as an opportunity to try something new even just for a little while? Having an extra income stream is a particularly good idea at the moment, and provides you with some reassurances that you have options to fall back on during quieter times in your freelance career. 

Embracing New Challenges

While finding an alternative way to earn money may seem like a step backward, this is not always the case. Trying something new and diversifying your skills can have a positive impact on your creativity. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new challenges is an excellent way to build your confidence and improve your resilience, both of which are essential qualities for a freelancer. 

Trying different jobs can help you gain a fresh perspective, and to apply this to your creative work. Let’s say you take on some extra work as a taxi driver, every day you will be driving to new places and meeting different people. This provides you with a whole set of new experiences which can help to bring new energy to your work and provide you with plenty of inspiration too.

There are so many different jobs that you can do during quiet periods in your work. Here are some excellent jobs that you can work as a side hustle alongside your freelance career.

Taxi Driver

If you are someone that dislikes being stuck in an office environment, then being a taxi driver is an ideal way for you to earn money without being indoors all day long. 

Before you become a taxi driver you will need to look into the requirements that you need to meet to perform the role. Insurance is another crucial consideration, so make sure that you choose the right cover for your taxi and at the best price.

Delivery Driver

Becoming a delivery driver is a popular choice right now with the surge in online shopping during the lockdown, creating a strong need for delivery drivers. As with driving a taxi, becoming a delivery driver is also ideal for anyone that shudders at the thought of working in an office.


As a freelancer, the chances are that you have skills that other people would be interested in learning. Maybe you are a talented writer, or perhaps an artist. Why not use this time to pass on your skills by working as a tutor? Teaching can be a lucrative sideline, which is especially welcome in these challenging times.

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