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For a while I have felt uninspired by photography. It just feels so sterile, anonymous and boring. Today’s cameras are amazing in capturing everything we want as sharp as we want it. The technical limitations aren’t that many today.⁠

Getting out of a creative rut

I started to think about how I could find my way out of this creative rut and find photography fun and exciting again. Actually, I started to think about all the amazing photographers I had the privilege to work with when I was working at Fotografiska. What had Nick Brandt, Anton Corbijn, Helene Schmitz and Patrick Demarchelier in common that made their work so inspiring and full of emotions? They were all using analog cameras to capture their work.⁠

Olivier Bellemare portrayed in Stockholm, Sweden 2019.

As Nick Brandt told me: “I tried a digital Hasselblad, but the images got too sharp and sterile – they didn’t do anything for me! So, I went back to my analog medium format camera.”⁠

Going to photography school back in 2003 I used positive slide film when learning the basics of exposure (harsh but effective). So, I decided to give analog photography at shot! After some researching I decided to buy a Pentax 6×7. As my mirrorless Sony system is small, why not go with the largest piece of camera there is?!⁠ So far I really enjoy the analog workflow. I only have 10 frames per roll of film so the work phase is a lot slower than digital. It makes my think more before pressing the shutter and that is something I appreciate very much.

My friend Kajsa Bodin portrayed in Stockholm, Sweden, 2019.

I would love to hear what your best tips and ideas are for getting out of a creative rut are! Feel free to reach out in the comments or on social media and I will make another blog post about your tips and ideas!

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