Ink Key Features Fine design, easy to setup and maintain

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A WordPress theme with un-matched flexibility that lets you define your layouts through custom widgets that display well designed content. A theme that is easy to setup and maintain, backed with human friendly support and frequent updates.

A widget-based layout approach

You can create as many widgetized pages you wish, and create custom layouts using 4 custom section widgets. Through an intuitive drag-and drop UX with a native feel, you will be able to tailor the layout to your needs by filling widget settings and re-ordering the widgets with the Section prefix. These custom widgets are listed below.

  • Static content: This widget will output the content of any static page, into your page’s layout.
  • Recent Posts: Displays a block with a background image and a selected number of recent posts over it.
  • Recent Posts (Grid): This widget will also output a selected number of posts but in a grid style.
  • Contributors widget: A handy widget that will display your contributing blog authors if you have any.

Compatible with WordPress Custom Media Header

The new version of Ink lets you add a custom intro section to your homepage by adding a header image or a Video. Works with .mp4 videos and youTube links. Over that media you can add a title and a description (html markup is supported).

Compatible with Restrict Content Pro Plugin

Turn your Ink-based blog into a premium content website and ask for paid (or free) memberships from your users for access to restricted content. Restrict Content pro is a separate plugin that requires an additional purchase, but if look for a membership plugin, look no further. You can find more information about Restrict Content Pro here.

6 Layouts to choose from

You can choose between 6 Layouts for your default homepage and/or your Blog page. Using the Live customizer you can see the changes on the fly. If your homepage is set to display your latest posts, you can combine the diversity of the layouts with a custom header media, and get engaging, content-rich results.



Features that actually make sense

Ink is not about tons of customization options or the hassle of additional page builders. With intuitive features, and thoughtful design, you can focus on your content and enjoy a seamless integration and user experience.

Compatible with Restrict Content Pro
Turn your blog in a membership-based website for premium content.

Uncluttered, balanced options
Just the right amount of customization options are provided within the Customizer.

Finely tuned design
Beautifully styled elements, right out of the box, so your content can shine.

Developer Friendly
Extendable, developer-friendly code and WordPress best practices make Ink a future-proof solution.

Online Documentation
Easy to follow online documentation and human friendly support.

Device Agnostic Interface
No matter where your users consume your content from, your content will show great.

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