What can fashion brands expect from Instagram in 2018 and how to use it

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2018 has just begun and what might Instagram bring to the table? Nothing is for sure, but this is what might be coming and how you can use it in Instagram 2018.

Less bots  = a more human touch

 I don’t think any one in the communication business missed the “Instageddon/ shadowban” that happened earlier this year. This is a huge statement and step forward for Instagram with getting rid of all the spam, fake accounts and third party apps for generating engagement or buying followers.

How can fashion brands use this?

Hopefully you haven’t bough any fake followers or having a bot giving generic comments following a certain hashtag or so. If you have, you better start getting rid of it. Cutting corners is never the solution, great content is. By giving value to your fans with great content that is on brand, on target group is the key to building your social audience and engagement.

Remember to always see it from the viewers smartphone, not your own.

Stories – an image say more than a thousand words

With over 250 MILLION users on a daily basis it is no surprise that Instagram Stories is the most successful feature they have presented since they started out in 2010. By the look of it they are not stopping in their mission to make us view more and more Stories. Now we can view them on desktop and you can pick out your best ones and highlight them for more than the regular 24 hours.

How can fashion brands use this?

What I believe is the most interesting feature for fashion brands is the polls function. This show they are aiming for a more collaborative interaction in the app. Imagine your design team engaging with your fans Live about an upcoming piece they aren’t sure about. What will make it to production – the sleeveless version or the one with short sleeves? Its up to your fans to decide.


We are LIVE in 3, 2, 1 …

They added so much new features Live during 2017, like getting a friend to joining your broadcast. Once again we see a step towards more collaborations.

How can fashion brands use this?

How about a live broadcast from the runway where you integrate with your fans on the other side of the world as a fashion panel about the new collections being shown. I think influencers will use this feature to collaborate with each other and use it in very creative ways.


I spent years FEED(ing) you

The rumors about the 4×4 grid have been many. But until today no one knows if it will happen or not. Is this a step from Instagram to make us more interactive with video content and walk away from the often over styled and non-personal feeds? It might be.

How can fashion brands use this?

If something becomes to polished and perfect it becomes boring. It’s the small flaws and details that make a personality, not a generic clone. Dare to be personal and not perfect. It will take you closer to your fans.



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