The 5 days sales challenge – part 1

Spray n pray your cold e-mails.

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The sales challenge. If you read my previous blog post about how to sell as a creative and how to approach a client as a creative. You know that I’m on a path to become better at sales. I wanted to challenge the one tip that stood out – so I decided to not personalize my offer to see what outcome I get.

The one tip that stood out was that you need to personalize your offer towards the specific client. This means that you don’t do a generic e-mail and sending it out to every fish in the sea (so to speak). It seems like a great and solid tip. That you research and get to know your potential client before approaching them and coming with an actual solution to a problem they may not have seen themselves.

I decided to do the opposite and challenge myself to a sales challenge.

Spray ‘n pray

I talked about the feedback I gotten from my Facebook posts with a business colleague of mine (also a CEO and sales rep). He said that he understood the idea, but that I shouldn’t underestimate the power of sending a short, on-point, e-mail with my name, what I do and that I offer my services. So, I decided to try this out.

During this week I will send 10 e-mails a day to 10 different digital agencies with offices here in Stockholm. In total 50 e-mails. I will keep it short and precise, just the most necessary information about what I do and my intent. This is what the e-mail looks like.

Hello (insert name),

My name is Johan Ståhlberg and work as a freelance photographer, based here in Stockholm. I think that we should do business together! I photograph a lot of design/interior, portraits and fashion. My editorial work spans from horses and food photography to nature.

You find my portfolio here:

Wishing you a great day!
Johan Ståhlberg

The second part of this blogpost will contain the result of this challenge. I also challenge YOU to try this out and see what your results may be.

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