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Is not only a lyric from the 1989 song “Without You” by Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars from Mötley Crüe, but something very important to have with you when embarking on an adventure as a freelancer or a small business owner. This is why you need to stay true the You in your business.

During the years I have met, interviewed and worked together with some of the most brilliant creatives and artists on the planet. The legendary photographer Anton Corbijn in his private studio in the Netherlands, music video director turning photographer Nick Brandt (Michaels Jacksons Earth Song) in Stockholm, Sweden and the ballerina legend Anneli Alhanko who is one of only thirteen in the world with the honor-title Ballerina Assoluta.

One thing in common

All of them where or are on top of their game in what they do, and all of them have the same thing in common. But first, let me paint you a picture of what I’m barking at.

Today there are more photographers, fashion bloggers, streamers and Instagram models than we can possibly count and need – to satisfy the demand. In other words, there are a lot of people that do the exact same thing as you shouting for attention out there. So, it’s all about the noise. Or your ability to break through it to be more exact. So, if you look at the examples I mentioned above they all have the same thing in common. Besides the tens of thousands of hours spend perfecting their craftmanship, hustling and doing the daily grind of course. In their work you do not only see superb imagery or a ballerina moving more gracefully than the others, you also see them and their personality shine throug in everything they do.

Anneli Alhanko would never have been such an icon that she is today if it weren’t for her ability to take on a role and make it hers. Anton Corbijn would have never been THE rock photographer if he was just one of trillions shooing black and white images of Rockstar’s. Nick Brandt would have never been such a success if he didn’t pour all of his love for the animals in Africa into his work, which in the end is him.

You are the key for sales

So, when you are starting your business or decide to take on social media professionally you need to show the You in everything you do. Everyone can get good in a craft, but what’s selling and the reason they chose your business is you. Because when you show your personality, you keep what you do true to your heart and what you put out there becomes genuine and real. Something that pays off in the long run.

Because how many other photographers, streamers or fashion bloggers can we see that look and do the exact same thing as the rest of them? It’s hard as hell, but be you, be unique!

Johan, Creative Visualization

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