It’s OK to spam

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What? My email gets full of unwanted e-mails trying to sell me things I don’t want. How can you say It’s OK to spam?!

There you have the answer: Unwanted. When you receive something that you don’t want its get annoying and some times really frustrating. It goes for e-mails, salesmen, ads or even the wrong dish at a restaurant. You don’t want it because you didn’t ask for it and it don’t give any value to you.

The solution that spam

I understand the frustration all marketing/sales/e-commerce managers feel. Sales goals that needs to be met and you only have a certain amount of newsletters and social media posts to make before people starts to unfollow you due for to much spam.

Gary Vaynerchuk said in one of his pod cast appearances that if you and genuine value to your followers and fans there is no spam. You can send content as much as you want to bring your message out there when it adds value and you don’t just trying to get a quick sale. 

So to all the marketing/sales/e-commerce managers out there: If you want to keep putting your message and content out there in the same phase you do and get better conversion and less unfollow/unsubscribers you need to ad genuine value to your followers. Make sure you know what they really care about within your mutual interest.


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