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Challenges will always come and go in your life, even if you want it or not. It can be in your professional life, on a personal level, sickness or something as stepping out into the unknown. If it’s something we humans are experts on it’s to postpone things we don’t like or stick our heads in the sand to ignore the problem or challenge. And in fact, it’s not that weird that we do just that. It’s in our nature and the foundation for survival in our reptilian brain to stay in our comfort zone where we are safe.

You don’t see the woods for all the trees

You don’t need to be a genius to realize there is a better way to approach a challenge by sticking your head in the sand and ignore it. What often frighten us for a new challenge is the possibility for failure. We focus so much energy into that thought, that we are blind to see the advantages if we succeed.

There are some really important and great things to keep in your mind when facing a new challenge:

–      Challenges develop you character as a human being. If we le tour fear control us by postponing, making up excuses or blaming others for not doing what needs to be done, we are developing our bad character. But, if we on the other hand rise up and face the challenge and show strength by taking initiative, showing self-control we build the side of you that makes a good character.

–      Challenges also boost your self-confidence. A challenge often involves fear, insecurity and self-doubt or some other psychological trauma. But if we make it through and defeat the challenge we prove to our self that we in fact can do anything we take on.

–      Challenges will make you mentally stronger! The more challenger you face, you will keep being better on how to handle them. As the saying says: a victory starts inside your head. And if you don’t challenge yourself you will never know what your full potential is.

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