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Have you heard about themed weeks? Not? Then, this will be something that will change the way you work forever. As a small business- and start-up owner, lots of things always happens, all the time. There are always things to do, things you haven’t done and things you should have done a long time ago. Chaos in other words. Enter themed weeks!

So, what is themed weeks? Not totally unexpected it means that you brand your days with a different theme to focus on. This way you will not be distracted by every task swarming around you, and you will be more effective in the end. This is what my weeks look like:


I call it “office Monday”. I work with my accounting and other administrative things that needs to be done to run a business. I just started to love Excel and have a sheet where I write down all my different costs, income and so on. This way I can for my own sake see which jobs has been the most profitable, where my biggest costs are, what month has been the best/worst in an easy way.


Is my “project Tuesday” and is my favorite day of the week. Here I finish up writing different jobs that needs to be delivered, edit images or plan upcoming projects. A perfect occasion to get stuff done.


also called “new clients Wednesday”. I dedicate my whole day just to find new clients. It can be everything from creating Facebook ads to get new leads, contacting companies or something as easy to make a post in one of all the different Facebook groups I’m in.


Is ”company development day”. I can really recommend the program SimpeMind to create a mind map or a roadmap over your company’s or your personal development and goals. Here I plan how I shall develop my photography or how I want Fashion Stories to crow in 1, 5 and 10 years.


I call “Blog / branding Friday”. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. I write blog posts in Swedish and English for and work on different ways to build our brand.

Johan, Creative Visualization

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