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Pitch and sell your services as a creative

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Pitch and sell your services as a creative. As you read before I aim to be a better sales person. I want to be better at talking about myself and what services I provide, without feeling bad, uneasy or out of place while doing it. As you also have read, I had a long list of books I was going read this summer. I made a good effort in reading them all, but I summer was to short! So I’m continuing to read my pile of books, especially when I’m traveling.

I have just finished a very good book on how to get your mindset and approach right when entering a sales meeting and pitching your services to a potential client. I never realized (until reading this book) that pitching is actually more about biology and science than just numbers and money. I will do my best to translate the context of this great book into a creatives mind (this is more about venture capitalist deals) so you can pitch and sell your services as a creative

Pitch anything by Oren Klaff

The reason I picked this book up is because I love to stand in front of people and present and pitch my ideas. When I was studying at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm (twice) I took every chance I got to be the one presenting on front of the class, school or others. I wanted to master and excel at it!

This book, Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff was one of the books I was the most excited about. Klaff speaks about the social dynamics that takes place before and during a business meeting and to get to the very core of the persons in front of you.

Not only does he talk (write) about the different social aspects that there is but as well the biological once that cant be ignored. Because “pitching isn’t an art – it’s simple science”.

The cover of Oren Klaffs book Pitch Anything

He is using a method that he calls strong:
S– setting the frame
T– telling the story
– revealing the intrigue
– offering the prize
N– nailing the hookpoint
G– getting a decision

I will go though each of these and translate it for the creative and how you can use it in your own business! If you like what I read I encourage you to get yourself a copy of this book yourself. Its a goldmine for how to win your pitch!

Sell your services as a creative

This will be a very interesting series if you want to step up your game at presenting and pitching your idea or services to prospecting clients! Make sure you are following me on Facebook to be the first to know about upcoming posts about how to pitch and sell your services as a creative

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